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Queensland Fire and ACT Meteors will battle in their second Women's National Cricket League (WNCL) clash of the season. The hosts are favourites to win the match while Brisbane Heat are currently at the top of the table. Here is all you need to know about QUN W vs AM W:


The Queensland Fire will be hosting the ACT Meteors in a Women's National Cricket League (WNCL) match on 11th March at the Phillip Oval. Both teams are coming into this match with a game to spare, so it should be an interesting one.

The Queensland Fire have won one and lost one so far in their WNCL campaign. They have been batting first in both games, and scored 172/5 against Tasmania and 159/7 against Victoria. The top three batsmen for Queensland are Elyse Villani (10 runs), Nicole Bolton (8 runs) and Amy Satterthwaite (15 runs). The run rate for QUN W is 2.93 across these two matches, which is quite good considering there have been some low scores as well as some big scores throughout both innings so far this season from QUN W.

The ACT Meteors were unable to chase down a target of 132 by Tasmania last week despite Ellyse Perry scoring an unbeaten 71*, but they did manage to beat Victoria by 6 wickets thanks largely due to Meg Phillips' innings of 54*. In terms of batting averages going into round 3 of WNCL 2019, Kate Cross tops all others with 48 while Meg Phillips has a very good average of 43*

Queensland Fire vs ACT Meteors

Queensland Fire vs ACT Meteors

Phillip Oval, 11th March

Innings: Queensland Fire

Result: Lost by 13 runs (DLS method)

Run Rate: 5.65 per over, RRW 4.53 per over

Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Finch), 2-40 (Sydney Sesay), 3-93 (Mackin), 4-129 (Hughes).

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11th March at the Phillip Oval

The 11th March 2019 match at the Phillip Oval will be held in Melbourne, Australia. It is scheduled to start at 2:20 PM local time (AEST) and finish up at 5:00 PM. The weather forecast predicts a sunny day with temperatures of 22°C and winds around 10 km/h blowing out of east-northeast.

The pitch conditions for the match were measured before play started and were found to be dry with some moisture underfoot. Before the toss, both captains agreed that they wanted to bat first from their respective sets of stumps at either end of the pitch.

Innings: Queensland Fire

For the Queensland Fire, there was no doubt that they would win this match. They knew that the AM W would give them a good fight and they were prepared for it. But what they didn't know was that their team was not playing as well as they should have been.

The AM W started off by getting their first eleven out in just six overs with only one wicket lost on both sides (QF vs AMW). After this, QF came back strongly with two quick wickets (QF vs AMW), but could not stop the run rate from increasing at an alarming pace until it reached more than ten runs per over (QF vs AMW). In the third over of the second innings, however, QF tried something different by giving up a wicket in order to bring down their score by one run per ball (QF vs AMW). Still at this point though it seemed like nothing could stop them from scoring enough runs before reaching their target score (QF vs AMW)


Queensland Fire won the toss and elected to field.

ACT Meteors batting first scored 200 runs for 3 wickets in 20 overs.

Queensland Fire bowling first dismissed ACT Meteors for 0 runs in 1 over.

Run Rate

Run rate is the average number of runs scored per over. It is calculated by dividing the runs scored by the number of overs faced. A good run rate is between 5 and 7 runs per over, while a bad run rate is less than 4 runs per over.


RRW is the runs per wicket taken, calculated by dividing the total number of runs scored by the number of wickets lost. It's usually expressed as an average and can be a useful measure of how quickly a team is scoring.

Fall of wickets

The fall of wickets for a team is a statistical record of the order at which batsmen were dismissed during an innings and is usually expressed as a simple list. The list typically contains the batter's name, score at the time of dismissal, and bowler who took the wicket. It may also include fielding positions of runners and other information such as notable events not directly related to whether or not a wicket fell (for example if there was an appeal for leg before wicket).

The first column shows how many runs were scored in that particular innings by each batsman. The second column lists their names in order from highest run scorer to lowest run scorer. The third column shows how many times they were dismissed by each bowler in an inning (not necessarily all out) while batting with another player named on that row's left-hand side (e.g., “Jones”). So Jones was dismissed twice by Buckley but never managed more than one run against him!


The partnership between Beth Mooney and Jess Jonassen was one of the most crucial partnerships. Their partnership played a vital role in guiding Australia to their first ever Women's World Cup title. The partnership lasted for 121 runs and was scored at 5.9 per over and 6 respectively.

The pair made a very good use of the powerplay overs, where they put up 52 runs off 30 balls with Jonassen being the aggressor as she smashed seven boundaries during that phase while Mooney remained calm as usual as she struck only four boundaries during her 49-ball innings but chipped in with two sixes too, which helped them post a healthy target for England to chase down on paper.

However, things didn't go according to plan as Jonassen fell quickly after scoring 92 runs when she got stumped off Ellyse Perry's delivery which went straight through her legs while Mooney took some time before getting out LBW off Anya Shrubsole's delivery after making just five runs off 20 deliveries by playing 10 dot balls in between those two dismissals.

Batsman Score (balls faced) 4s 6s SR dismissed by*

The batsman score is the number of runs scored by a batsman in a single innings. Balls faced is the number of balls that a batsman faces from the start of an innings until he gets dismissed. Strike rate (SR) is calculated by dividing total runs scored in an innnings by balls faced in that innings. 4s and 6s are not included while calculating SR but they are included while calculating strike rate (SR).

Strike Rate (SR) = Runs Scored/ Balls Faced

Dismissal By refers to the bowler who got him out in his final ball, if any, else it says "Not Out".

Kirby Short c †Kim Garth b Lorna Jacks 0 (4) 0 0 0.00 caught

You get a caught from your bowler.

This is a caught ball by the wicket keeper

Laura Harris b Erin Osborne 30 (26) 3 1 115.38 bowled

Laura Harris b Erin Osborne

30 (26) 3 1 115.38 bowled

Beth Mooney c Nicola Carey b Erin Osborne 5 (6) 1 0 83.33 caught

Beth Mooney c Nicola Carey b Erin Osborne 5 (6) 1 0 83.33 caught

Beth Mooney trapped leg before wicket by Nicola Carey off Erin Osborne in the 5th over of the innings.

Sammy-Jo Johnson not out 121 (69) 12 5 175.36 not out

Sammy-Jo Johnson is the highest scorer for Queensland Fire in the Women's National Cricket League.

Sammy-Jo Johnson is the highest scorer for Queensland Fire in a match against ACT Meteors.

Jess Jonassen not out 92 (67) 9 2 137.31 not out

Jess Jonassen scored 92 runs, was not out and had a strike rate of 137.31. Her batting average was 92, while her bowling average was 0.