Practice Match India vs England

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Practice Match India vs England


India will be playing against England in a practice match on Feb 23-27, 2020. The venue for this match is Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune.

Date: Feb 23-27, 10:00 AM LOCAL

The second practice match was played on 23-27 February, 10:00 AM local time at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune. This match was also a four-day affair, but unlike the first practice match, this one had two international teams competing against each other. The first team to play was India (the home team), and they were up against England (the visiting team).

The first practice match consisted of two domestic squads; this one included both international sides.

Venue: Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune

The Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune is the name of a cricket stadium located in Pune, India. It is operated by the Maharashtra Cricket Association and hosts Ranji Trophy and other domestic matches. The ground has hosted one One Day International during the 1987 World Cup.

The stadium was built in 1983 with an initial capacity of 30,000 spectators. In 2010–11 it was renovated and expanded to hold 35,000 people as part of its affiliation as host venue for 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup matches.[1]

In October 2012 it was announced that Visakhapatnam will host England vs Australia ODIs from October 31 after heavy rains forced cancellation of previous match at Ranchi

Umpires: Virender Sharma (IND), Anil Chaudhary (IND)

Virender Sharma and Anil Chaudhary will be the umpires for this practice match. Both are members of the ICC's Regional Panel of Umpires, but in this case, Virender Sharma is a member of the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires.

Match referee: Dev Govindjee (IND)

The match referee is appointed by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC match referee ensures that all laws of cricket are applied during international matches. Match referees are independent of the teams and cannot be influenced by anyone, including players and umpires on field. They also have a responsibility to ensure that fair play principles are observed at all times during the game.

Reserve Umpire: Nitin Menon (IND)

Nitin Menon is an Indian umpire. He was born on 1 February 1969 in Mumbai. Nitin has umpired in international matches since 2002, and he has been involved with the Under-19 World Cup since 2002.

Nitin has umpired a total of nine Tests and 84 ODIs up to date.

The match could not be completed due to weather conditions and hence had no official result according to match rules.

For the second day in a row, bad weather conditions resulted in an abandoned match. This time, it was India vs England in their practice match that could not be completed due to wet conditions and rain. The game was going on smoothly until it started raining heavily at around 3 pm IST, causing damage to the outfield and forcing both sides to go off after only three overs were bowled.

The umpires inspected the pitch but couldn't make up their minds whether or not it would be safe for play to continue under these conditions. As per match rules, if even one ball has been delivered then an official result can be declared based on that delivery alone; however since no balls had been bowled when play was abandoned at 4:00 pm IST (9:30 am GMT+1), no official result was declared by ICC or BCCI officials present at the ground


The match was abandoned after the Indians were bowled out for 185 in their first innings. The second and final Test of the series will be played from February 1-5 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.