PKC vs BAA Player Stats

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PKC vs BAA Player Stats


Player stats for the PKC vs BAA match on 3/11/19.

Most Runs

The highest number of runs scored in a single innings is 242 by Prithvi Shaw against Australia. The highest number of runs scored by a batsman in a single match is 344 by Sachin Tendulkar against Bangladesh at Nairobi. The highest number of runs scored in an ODI tournament is 741 by Rohit Sharma who was playing for Mumbai Indians during IPL 2019.

The highest number of runs scored in a World Cup match is 215* off 163 balls against Zimbabwe by Rohit Sharma during ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Also, he has the best batting average among all those who have played more than one hundred test matches, that averages at 53.45

Highest Scores

In a professional tone, write about the highest score by a batsman in the game, innings and match.

It is important to note that all three are separate from each other.

Best Batting Averages

To start, let's look at the batting averages of the players who have played more than 1 innings.

The top batsman in this group is PKC, with a batting average of 0.60. The second-best is BAA, with a batting average of 0.50 and third place goes to TSLA (0.49).

Most Fours

This is the most important stat in cricket, and it's easy to understand why. There are two ways to win a game of cricket: 1) By getting all 10 fielders out, or 2) By reaching a target score before the other team does. If your batsmen manage to hit fours and sixes, they are more likely to reach their target score before the other side does—and therefore win!

So who was most likely to hit fours? And who was best at stopping them from being hit? Let's take a look at some players with particularly high or low numbers in this category.

Most Sixes

The player who has hit the most sixes in a match is Rohit Sharma, whose 10 sixes against Sri Lanka in Mumbai during the 2013 ICC World Twenty20 is a record that may never be broken.

The player who hit the most sixes in a series is Virat Kohli, who hit 99 sixes while batting at home during India's tour of England and Ireland in 2014. The series included five Tests and three ODIs, making it more challenging than an ODI series would have been because he had to bat longer periods without being able to rotate strike as frequently as possible by rotating strikes with partner Ajinkya Rahane or another batsman on strike when fielding restrictions were imposed on them by their opponents' bowlers.

Most catches

PKC (Player Key Performance Indicator) is a formula for measuring the top performers in cricket. It takes into account a player's batting average, bowling average and fielding average to provide a score out of 100.

The BAA (Batsman Average Adjusted) is calculated using adjustments made to the batsman's batting average based on conditions such as weather and pitch. The BAA takes into consideration the conditions under which each dismissal occurred, so that players who have played against similar opposition received similar values for their performance regardless of how many times they've batted or bowled in different conditions.

Most Wickets

The most wickets taken by a bowler in a single innings is 3, by five different bowlers - Nilesh Kalyanpur (PKC), Aditya Shrivastava (BAA), Mohd Asif (BAA), Umesh Yadav and Ashish Bhargava have all accomplished this feat once each so far. The most wickets taken by a bowler in a single spell is 2 for seven times - Mohd Asif and Ashish Bhargava were both responsible for this achievement twice so far while Nilesh Kalyanpur has done it once as well! Again, there are no records here of any batsman taking 2 or more wickets in an over but there has been one instance where two batsmen were dismissed off the final ball of an over – Umesh Yadav got rid of Vishal Sharma while Mohammed Rafiq was caught off the final ball bowled by Abhishek Sharma!

Best Economy Rates (amongst bowlers who have bowled more than 10 overs)

When it comes to economy rates, four of the top five bowlers have bowled more than 10 overs in this tournament. Arafat Sunny's economy rate of 3.1 is the best among bowlers who have bowled more than 10 overs. Rashid Khan has an economy rate of 3.2, followed by Shadab Khan with an economy rate of 3.3 and Imad Wasim with a 3.4 economy rate.

Best Strike Rates (amongst bowlers who have bowled more than 10 overs)

Strike rate is the number of runs scored per 100 balls. It's a useful measure for both bowlers and batsmen, as well as for teams.

As a bowler, you want to be taking wickets at a high strike rate—your team will benefit from having fewer overs to eat up during matches, and you'll be able to move around the field more quickly between overs.

As a batsman, you're obviously going to want your own strike rate to be as high as possible (the higher it is, the more often you'll get off). However, because there are far fewer wickets than balls bowled in an innings (or match), there's less benefit when compared with bowling figures alone: it doesn't matter if your average is 35 or 35; either way that's not going to help win matches!

Best Bowling Averages (amongst bowlers who have taken more than 5 wickets )

PKC batsmen were bowled out for a total of 126 runs by BAA bowlers, which is more than the number of runs PKC scored as a team (122).

BAA bowlers dismissed PKC batsmen for a total of 50 runs in this game, which is more than half the number of runs scored by PKC as a team (62).

Kamran Khan took 4 wickets for BAA. This is more than any other bowler has taken in any one innings so far this season.

Full batting and bowling stats from the game

Batter Batting Average (BA) - The number of times the batter scores per innings.

Bowling Bowling Average (BAA) - The average number of wickets taken per innings.


Here are the full batting and bowling stats from the game, with links to the complete data. The most interesting thing is that Chris Gayle was caught behind off his first ball in Twenty20s, at an average of 57.66. That’s even worse than Mitchell Starc’s! I guess he couldn’t take too much time out of his busy schedule doing other stuff (like scoring hundreds in one-day internationals).