NRK vs STW Player Stats

Author : A Smith | Created : 2022-08-24 02:42:00

NRK vs RTW Player Stats


In the first of what will be many matches between the Nellai Royal Kings and Ruby Trichy Warriors, we look at player statistics.

Nellai Royal Kings

NRK have very good teamwork, but their defense needs some work. They are able to score lots of goals, but they struggle to keep their opponents out of their own net. The coaching staff for this team should work on improving things like passing accuracy and defensive positioning if they want to see better results from their players in future matches against stronger opponents!

Ruby Trichy Warriors

The Ruby Trichy Warriors have scored a total of 14 runs in their three games. This is not very impressive, considering how many times they were dismissed. The team has also taken just two wickets at an average of 51.50, which is underwhelming for a pace attack in this tournament.

The Ruby Trichy Warriors will need to improve on all these statistics if they want to win matches against tougher opponents such as the NRK or the RTW Player Stats teams that are ranked higher than them here on the leaderboard table.

NRK vs RTW player statistics

Nellai Royal Kings vs Ruby Trichy Warriors player stats comparison

The Nellai Royal Kings played in 3 matches and won 2 while losing 1. The Ruby Trichy Warriors played in 3 matches and won 2 while losing 1.

These are the best players for both teams with their individual stats, team stats and overall rating points.


In the end, both teams came out with an equal number of wins. NRK won the first match, while RTW won the second. So there will be a third and final match in which we hope to see a clear winner emerge!