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Football is a sport loved by many, with over 7 billion people worldwide having played or watched it. However, there are still some that have not yet been exposed to the joys of the beautiful game. If you have friends or family members who haven't tried football yet, then this article is for them! It will be an introduction to Pakistani soccer and will cover both North and Central Punjab teams' players as well as their squads. We hope this helps make some new fans!

Where is North?

North is a region in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It's also the name of a region in the Punjab region, and it's also sometimes used to refer to all of Pakistan's northern regions collectively.

But you probably knew all that already!

Where is Central?

Central Punjab is the region of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab, and has an area of 28,405 km². Central Punjab is known as the most fertile region in Pakistan due to its silt-rich soil. The region also contains large reservoirs and dams, including Tarbela Dam which is one of largest earth filled dams in the world. It is also known as CPE or CPEC (Central Plains Economic Corridors) because it acts as a corridor for rail lines connecting other parts of Pakistan with Karachi port

North Punjab squad

North Punjab squad: Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, Fawad Alam, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed (Captain), Sohail Khan (Vice Captain), Mohammad Irfan, Junaid Khan, Hassan Khan.

Central Punjab squad

The Central Punjab squad is a very strong team. They have a very good bowling line-up, which can be supported by their batting and fielding. Their spin bowling department is also one of the best in the competition.

The batting lineup has players who can play both short balls and fast bowlers with ease, as well as having enough experience to make a difference in any match situation. Although their top order was not at its best during this CEP season, it’s worth noting that their middle order performed well – this could be an indication of them being able to raise their game when needed, which will certainly help them get past other teams (and into playoffs) if they do so.

Prepare your lawn chairs!

It's highly likely you'll be at the stadium for a while. There's no way to tell how long it'll take, but if it's anything like last time around, prepare yourself for hours of sitting in one place. Bring a picnic basket and blanket to make yourself comfy during the match (and don't forget about snacks! You're going to need them). This is also a great opportunity to get creative with your camera settings—you might want to try out some long exposures or play around with some filters. If you've got binoculars, bring those along as well! They can be really useful for seeing who wins each point. Just don't forget about all the other essentials: hat, raincoat/poncho (depending on where you're sitting), towel in case it rains... And if you happen upon any food trucks nearby before or after the match (which there probably will be), definitely take advantage of that too!


We are very excited to be part of this event and hope that everyone enjoys the game.