India vs New Zealand WTC Final Weather

Author : A Smith | Created : 2022-07-01 04:10:00

India vs New Zealand WTC Final Weather


The weather is playing a vital role in the tournament. The ground and pitch where the match is played should be well maintained for fairness in the game.

WTC Final Weather

The weather is expected to be cloudy with some rain and temperatures around 19 degrees. The wind speed will be around 13 kmph, while the humidity levels are expected to be around 86%. As you know, the pitch at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium has been used for a match just once this season and that was during an ODI between India and Australia in October 2018. The surface has produced scores of over 300 on ten occasions since its last Test match in December 2014.

The forecast suggests that there will be some rain during India vs New Zealand Final T20I Match as well, but let's hope things go well and we get a full game!

Weather While Playing football match

The weather is the most important factor for playing football. The rainy weather is worst for playing football and a sunny day is best day to play football. Rainy days are better than sunny or cloudy days to play

A rainy day is the worst day to play football as there will be no heat in your body and it will be difficult for you to run fast and jump high because of getting tired easily

On sunny days, you can see clearly but on rainy days, everything around you becomes foggy due to wetness so it becomes difficult for players to see each other properly

Cloudy days are not good as well because they make the atmosphere very hot inside stadiums

Weather while playing a cricket match

  • The weather is very important for a cricket game.

  • The weather can be hot or cold, wet or dry, and good for one team and bad for the other team.

  • For example, if it is too hot then players may not be able to play well because they will get tired easily when playing in extreme heat (also known as "heat stress").

If there is a lot of rain then it could cause dangerous conditions on the pitch which could lead to injuries such as sprained ankles from slipping on wet ground; however, this happens less frequently than other causes of injury because games are usually scheduled during dry periods.

Weather Maintanance of the ground and pitch

  • Ground Maintanance:

The ground is a very important part of any cricket match. The pitch and the groundsmen have to be in full control of their game so that they can ensure that the ball bounces and spins according to what they want, otherwise it will be difficult for a batsman to score runs.

  • Pitch Maintanance:

Pitches are also very important as they influence how much spin or pace will be delivered by a bowler in his ball. The pitch needs to stay nice and flat without any cracks on it as this will allow players from both teams to play their best game without worrying about losing their balance because of uneven surfaces which could cause injury if you fall over them!


The weather is the most important thing for any team. If the weather is not good then you cannot play well. So, it is necessary that you take care of your players and their health before playing a match.