India Mmaharajas vs Asian Lions Match Schedule

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India Mmaharajas vs Asian Lions Match Schedule


India is going to play the match against Asian Lions. The match will be held on 21st Match at 7:30 PM IST. India Mmaharajas vs Asian Lions Match Schedule

Format : T20

T20 is a short form of cricket where the match is scheduled to last for a maximum of 20 overs. It is generally played during weekends and public holidays. The tournament is organized on home and away basis where the winner will be declared by winning more matches than their opponents.

The format includes two teams consisting of 11 players each playing against each other in 16 overs with 9 wickets, as mandated by International Cricket Council (ICC). The team scoring more runs will win the match. In case both teams score equal number of runs at the end of 20 overs, then they compete in super over round which consists of one over only with 6 balls per team and no limit on how many times can be bowled until team scores more than 21 runs in that timeframe

Time : 7:30 PM IST

India vs Asian Lions Match Schedule

When: 7:30 PM IST, 12th of January 2019

Where: Indira Gandhi Stadium, Guwahati, Assam

India vs Asian Lions Match Details

Toss Winner: India (DLF)

Match Winner: India (DLF)

Rounds : 21st Match

The 21st match in the India vs South Korea series will be played between the Indian team and the Asian Lions. The match will take place at 3 pm IST on December 16, 2018. The venue for this match is Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Uppal, Hyderabad.

Venue : Al Amerat Cricket Ground in Al Amerat city, Oman.

The Asian lions vs Indian maharajas match will be played at Al Amerat Cricket Ground in Al Amerat city, Oman. It is the home ground of the Oman cricket team and has a capacity of 50,000.

The stadium was selected as one of the top 10 stadiums in Asia by Cricinfo in 2007.

The stadium was also used as a venue to host matches during ICC World Cup Qualifiers, where teams like India and Pakistan took part against each other for qualification into Wold Cup 2019.

Lotus fans is going to rock the stadium

The fans are going to be in full support of the team. They will cheer for their team, and they will make sure that no matter what happens, they do not lose hope. The fans know what it means to support their team even if they are losing by a huge margin. The fan base of this game is going to be enormous as people from all over the country would want to watch this match live at the stadium. Fans from India and Sri Lanka will travel all the way just for watching this match live in person or on television screens, which makes it one of the most anticipated matches at present times when it comes about cricketing tournaments!

The home side has been preparing for this one since very long time now – with great focus on being disciplined with bat & ball throughout its preparation phase which also includes playing practice games against local teams too so that players get used with conditions there before big event starts off; even though few top players opted out due to injury concerns but still we have enough depth available within squad itself (which includes both batting & bowling units) where youngsters like Varun Chakravarthy Shailey Athreya Ravi Kumar Vishnu Manohar Prasad have performed well enough against domestic teams recently during 2019 Punjab Premier League (PPL). Our International contingent consists only two members – Ajantha Mendis who has announced retirement after 2020 World Cup already while Dilruwan Perera still undecided whether he wants play till 2021 ICC World Cup or not- so rest six members including captain Upul Tharanga should take responsibility upon themselves lead young guns into battle against formidable opposition led by MS Dhoni himself who wants nothing less than victory after having lost four games consecutively across formats since January 8th.#ENDWRITE


The 21st match of the Mmaharajas vs Asian Lions will be played on 07th September at Al Amerat Cricket Ground, Oman. The both teams have shown their best performance in the previous matches and now they are ready to give their best shot in this match too. The fans are waiting for this moment because it is going to be a great cricketing event as usual for sure!