Hong Kong Odd DLSW vs KCC

Author : A Smith | Created : 2022-08-06 19:13:00

Hong Kong Odd DLSW vs KCC


The last match of the group stage will be played between Kowloon Cantons and DLSW. DLSW won their first match against Kowloon Cantons, but lost their second match against Hong Kong Cricket Club. However, they have been performing well in the T20 format and would want to win this game as well

Hong Kong T20 Blitz, Match 6

  • Hong Kong T20 Blitz: DLSW vs KCC

  • Wednesday 28th February 2019

  • Mission Road Ground, Mong Kok

Mission Road Ground, Mong Kok

The stadium is located at a place called Mission Road, which is an area in Mong Kok. The road is named after the nearby mission school that was built by the Lutheran Church in 1875. The stadium's address is: 5/F Lee Chung Street Community Centre, 19 Lee Chung Street, Jordan Hill, Kowloon City District. It has a capacity of 30000 people and its official name is Mission Road Ground (also known as "Mongkok Stadium"). Its nickname is Mission Rd Stadium and it has been around since 1997


11:30 a.m. local (0330 GMT) start; First Session 11:30-13:00, Interval 13:00-13:45, Second Session 13:45-15:15

In order to be able to compete in this tennis tournament, participants must be at least 16 years old by April 1st 2019. Participants must also be members of an affiliated DLSW club with a valid DLSW membership card and have competed in at least four DLSW matches during the current season or the previous season - if not then they will need to qualify for the tournament via one of these qualifying rounds that take place on March 31st 2019 at 12pm local time (1700 GMT).

All information about this tournament can be found on their website here [link].

18 overs per side

There are 18 overs per side in a DLSW match. This is the number of overs that each bowler has to bowl before he or she can be replaced by another player. It's also the number of overs that each team must play, so it's not just an individual statistic but also a measure of how well your team performs as a collective unit.

The game is divided into sessions, which are made up of three hours and 48 minutes (180 minutes). Each day consists of five sessions lasting three hours and 48 minutes each. If you're crunched for time during your commute home and want to catch up on those missed quarter hours from yesterday, don't worry—there are seven days in a week! And finally: there are 52 weeks in every year so if you miss one day out of every two weeks' worth of matches then no one will notice because they'll get used to it after awhile.


We are expecting a close and exciting match, with both teams making some changes to their squads. It will be interesting to see how these new players perform under pressure.