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The battle between the two teams was rather close, with BSH winning by 48 runs. FAL started off very well and were able to restrict BSH to only 168 runs. However, their batting performance wasn't as great and they only managed 120 runs in 20 overs. This meant that BSH had a lot of time left over to chase down their total, which they did successfully!

BSH won by 48 runs

BSH won by 48 runs. BSH was batting first and scored 168/6 in 20 overs. FAL scored 120/10 in 20 overs.

FAL: 120/10 in 20.0 overs

The FAL team lost by 48 runs after they were bowled out for 120 in 20 overs. The BSH bowlers, led by their captain, took all the wickets.

BSH: 168/6 in 20.0 overs

The BSH team won the toss and elected to field. BAL scored 168/6 in 20 overs. The BSH team got 5 wickets. The batsmen had a good partnership of 48 runs for the second wicket between A and B, who were both dismissed by C with 2 balls remaining in their respective innings.

FAL best batsman: B Badshah (33 runs off 32 balls)

Batting average is a measure of the average number of runs that a batsman scores per innings. It is calculated by dividing total runs scored by the number of innings played, excluding the not outs.

FAL best bowler: S Sajid (4 wickets for 18 runs in 4 overs)

Sajid was the best bowler for FAL, taking 4 wickets and conceding18 runs in his four overs. He was economical as well, giving away just 8 runs in his second over, which helped FAL restrict BSH to only 33 runs in that first 10 overs.

BSH best batsman: Sofyan Asif (27 runs off 15 balls)

BSH's best batsman was Sofyan Asif. He scored 27 runs off 15 balls, which is his team's highest score and good for a strike rate of 1.43 and average of 1.23. He also managed 1 wicket-keeping error, giving him an economy rate of 0 -- one of the best in the tournament!

BSH best bowler: Gopal Manna (3 wickets for 25 runs in 4 overs)

Gopal Manna is a left-arm medium bowler for Bengal. He took 3 wickets for 25 runs in 4 overs and is a good bowler for BSH.

BSH winning a close game

Bowling side won by 48 runs

Batsman's winning a close game is a common occurrence in cricket. The Batsman's winning their last game of the season against the Bowling side played at the Oval was only another example of this.

The Bowling side won the toss and elected to bat first, scoring 168/6 in 20 overs at a run rate of 8.0. They were ultimately bowled out with five balls remaining in their innings having scored only seven runs off of them. In response, Batsman's chased down this total with ease and finished on 186/4 in 19 overs at a run rate of 9.1


In the end, BSH won by 48 runs. This was a close game, with FAL having a better start than BSH. However, in the end it was BSH who came out on top as they held their nerve at the end of the innings to secure victory over their opponents. It will be interesting to see how these two teams perform over the course of this tournament and if any other teams will challenge them for top spot!