Who Will Jake Paul Fight Next In 2022

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Who Will Jake Paul Fight Next In 2022?

According to his trainer, the controversial Youtube star turned professional boxer will not be ready to fight until the summer of 2022.

Speaking after the December 2021 fight against Tyron Woodley, which he won by knockout, Jake Paul revealed, "I don't really know what's next on the roadmap."

But while he claimed to have achieved everything he intended to in 2021, 2022 could be the year that brings new challenges. Coach Flores agreed to let his superstar trainee take a break after Paul dedicated 2020 and 2021 to professional boxing.

A brief summary of Jake Paul's boxing career so far

Nicknamed The Problem Child and with a reach of 76 in for his 6 ft and 1 in height, Paul has shown promising abilities as a boxer since he first appeared in the ring. He has been undefeated since the start of his professional boxing career in 2020.

Paul held his first boxing match in an amateur white-collar boxing environment with his brother Logan against British Youtube star KSI and his brother Deji Olatunji in 2018. While Logan lost against KSI, Paul defeated Deji via TKO in the fifth round.

After his experience as an amateur boxer, Paul secured the service of professional coach Flores.

In December 2019, he announced his professional boxing debut as a Cruiserweight against YouTube AnEsonGib in January 2020. Designed as a co-feature to the WBO world middleweight title bout, the match made a sensation when Paul won by TKO after 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

He rapidly followed with another professional bout against professional basketball player Nate Robinson. The event was scheduled as part of the undercard for the exhibition match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Here again, Paul defeated his opponent by KO in the second round.

In 2021, Paul met the former Bellator and MMA Welterweight Champion Ben Askren in Atlanta. He won by KO in the first round at fans' surprise, MMA fighters and boxers who questioned whether the match was legit. Yet, Paul showed his boxing skills again by fighting against former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley first in August and then as a rematch in December 2021. Paul won both matches, first by split decision and second via KO in the sixth round.

The Problem Child was initially scheduled to fight against Tommy Fury in December 2021, but the match was pulled off due to medical issues. Woodley replaced Fury in a rematch of their previous fight.

Coach Flores declared in the Give Me Sport podcast that Paul "is a superstar" with an incredible combination of one punch power, speed and work ethic.

Recognising his potential in his so-far undefeated boxing career, Flores is dedicated to showing viewers that Paul is "the biggest up and coming star in boxing". So, this brings the most important question for 2022: What do Flores and Paul have in the chart for the upcoming boxing season?

What are the expectations for Jake Paul?

Fans of boxing and of Paul both agree they would want to see The Problem Child take on a "real" boxer. Yet, coach Flores is quick to clarify that nobody seems to have brought up a reputable name in terms of potential opponents.

However, several names have already gained traction in the media.

Tommy Fury, the British professional boxer in the light-heavyweight category, was once scheduled for a fight with Paul. Towering at 6 ft and with an 80 in reach, Fury would be a valuable opponent who appeared equally matched to Paul. Fury made his professional boxing debut in 2018 and has not lost one match since his debut, totalising more than half his wins through KO. Fury has also stated that he would be willing to reschedule the match against Paul if health, transport, and plan allowed. Fury was forced to pull out the previously scheduled match in December 2021 after a broken rib. It would make sense to see the infamous battle finally happen between the two celebrity boxers. However, Paul claims that Fury doesn't deserve the fight with him and that he would rather fight Tyson Fury, Tommy's heavyweight boxer half-brother.

Early January 2022, rumours discussed the possibility of an exhibition bout between Paul and heavyweight Mike Tyson, also known as Iron Mike. The controversial former boxer retired from competition in 2005, winning 50 of his 58 fights. Tyson shut down the speculation recently, stating to be done with boxing as a whole. Despite a $50 million mega-fight offer rumoured to set Tyson against Jake Paul, the legendary heavyweight boxer stated that he had seen evidence of an official deal.

Paul also mentioned his desire to face real boxers, even naming Mexican professional boxer Julio César Chávez Jr. Paul initially called out Chávez to a boxing match after his rematch with Woodley. The Cruiserweight bout is currently expected to take place on March 20, 2022. The exact date and location are expected to be confirmed shortly.

Further fights against MMA superstars

Since he took out former UFC champion Woodley, Paul has been the target of several MMA fighters. Reportedly, during the rematch against Woodley, UFC star Jorge Masvidal got in an altercation with a Tiktoker who he wouldn't defeat Paul in a boxing match. Paul came to the defence of the Tiktoker on social media and offered the UFC star a $5 million payday. Masvidal turned him down and suggested a one fight deal with the UFC instead.

Additionally, Paul has been attacking UFC President Dana White over fighter pay. He pledged on Twitter to retire from boxing if the UFC President increased the pay and benefits of his contracted fighters. Paul concluded his pledge by stating he would enter USADA and agree to the one fight deal with Masvidal. Dana White has yet to respond to the agreement suggested by Jake Paul.

Paul also publicly stated his investment in the UFC's parent company, the Endeavor group, and especially EDR stock to help fighters receive more healthcare and pay. This could potentially mark the first move of The Problem Child toward an MMA career.

We can expect to hear soon about the promised fight against Chávez Jr. However, the never-ending feud with UFC fighters and the President could bring interesting challenges to The Problem Child's boxing career in 2022.