Richest Female Boxer 2022

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Over the last century, boxing was regarded as a male-dominated sport. The athletes were men, the viewership was primarily men, and even the sponsors were companies that were mostly geared towards men. While boxing is still mostly seen as a more masculine-oriented sport, there have been some shifts over the last few years. There is a trend that’s moving forward and continues moving forward and that’s female boxers.

The last decade has brought in more female boxers, more female-based sponsors, and the viewership among women has been growing as well. Even with a sport such as boxing, the female athletes are getting handsomely rewarded in prize money, sponsorship pay, and even other rewards. Do you have a favourite female boxer? Are you wondering who the top ten richest female boxers are? How about their net worth? All of these questions will be answered here.

Regina Halmich

Net worth: $10 Million

Total Fights: 56

Total Wins: 54

Halmich is a German boxer, she’s known for being the most successful female boxer of all time and she’s also known for making female boxing more popular in Europe as well. She originally began as an amateur kickboxer in 1992 and in 1994 won the European title. He has won the WIBF’s world championship in several divisions including Junior to Super Flyweight. She officially became a professional boxer in 1994. She retired in 2007 and had one last fight where she defeated Hagar Finer. Halmich is known for being one of the most influential female boxers of all time.

Ronda Rousey

Net worth: $13 Million

Total Fights: 14

Total Wins: 12

Rousey is a talented boxing champion, who holds multiple records in various sports such as Judo as well as other mixed martial arts. She’s known for being one of the best female MMA fighters of all time and she was the very first UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion as well. While she’s known for being a beloved athlete in the MMA world, she’s also known for taking other leads as well. She enjoys being a part of endorsement ads as well as doing acting on the side for movies and shows.

Laila Ali

Net worth: $10 Million

Total Fights: 24

Total Wins: 24

Ali is a former professional female boxer who is now retired but she’s also famously known for being the daughter of one of the most famous boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali. In 2002 she was named the Super Middleweight Champion by the International Boxing Association and again she received another award three years later. In 2005, she was named the Super Middleweight Champion by the International Women’s Boxing Federation.

Lucia Rijker

Net worth: $19 million

Total Fights: 17

Total Wins: 17

Known as the “Most dangerous woman in the world”, Luca Rijker is a well-known former professional female boxer who’s now retired. She’s now retired, but still enjoys making an appearance. This Dutch athlete enjoys being known for her impact on the female boxing sport, kickboxing, as well as her career as an actress as well. At the early age of six, she immediately began her career as she was doing mixed martial arts after school. She officially became a boxer at the young of 15. She has a boxing record of 17-0 and has kept this during her retirement as well.

Ann Wolfe

Net worth: $3 million

Total Fights: 26

Total Wins: 24

Wolfe is known for having the hardest punches in women’s boxing history. She’s held titles in four different weight divisions and her very first title was the IFBA Junior Middleweight title. While Wolfe was working towards the IBA World Light Heavyweight Champion during 2004, she went as far as surpassing the record of three titles in different weight classes. She declared her retirement just two years later in 2006 and hasn’t competed since.

Katie Taylor

Net worth: $ 1.74 Million

Total Fights: 17

Total Wins: 17

Katie Taylor is an Irish female boxer who’s thought to be one of the highest-paying female boxers to date. She’s a former footballer and she’s also a two-weight world champion as well as the current undisputed lightweight champion. She’s had the WBA title since 2017 and she’s still very active in her career.

Claressa Shields

Net worth: $1 million

Total Fights: 11

Total Wins: 11

Claressa Shields is an American boxer and mixed martial arts athlete. She currently holds multiple world championships in three different weight classes and she’s also the undisputed lightweight champion as well. As of January 2022, she’s 26 years old and may have a long career ahead of her.

Mia St. John

Net worth: $4 million

Total Fights: 23

Total Wins: 22

St. John is a Mexican-American professional boxer. She’s currently retired but she has had a very active career during her time. She was the former WBC champion of 1967 in the Super-Welterweight division. She’s had 23 fights in her career and she’s only lost one fight totally to 22 wins and one draw. At the age of 45, she became the WBC super-welterweight champion again in 2012. She has had other success in her career as a model, taekwondo champion, and businesswoman.

Christy Martin

Net worth: $500,000

Total Fights: 59

Total Wins: 49

Christy Martin is an American boxer who’s known for legitimising women in boxing. She began her career in the 1980s with a six-round loss to Angela Buchana but she later won the rematch with a second-round knockout. She holds the record of having 49 wins within her career out of the 59 fights she’s had in total. She’s had 31 wins by knockout, 3 draws, and 5 losses in total within her whole career.

Holly Holm

Net worth: $4 million

Total Fights: 38

Total Wins: 33

Holm is a mixed martial artist from the United States. She received the title of Female Athlete of the Year from the Albuquerque Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. She made her boxing debut in 2002 and has received the Female Fighter of the Year award in 2005 and 2006.

Did this list of the most richest female boxers answer any questions that you might have had about it? Since the boxing industry is rapidly growing, who knows who could be the next top richest women in the boxing industry. The sport is only going to conti