Logan Paul Net Worth 2022

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How rich is Logan Paul 2022?

Logan Paul Net Worth 2022: The Internet personality is reported to have a $35 million net worth in 2022

Similar to his younger brother, Logan Paul started his Internet career by posting sketches on the video-sharing platform Vine in 2013. He gained traction on Vine and tried his hand at professional boxing in 2019.

He created his YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, at the same time, but started using it more regularly after Twitter discontinued Vine. By the time Vine was shut down, Paul had amassed a total of 9.47 million followers. TheOfficialLoganPaul on YouTube has over 5 million subscribers in comparison. However, it isn't the only channel this social media influencer has on YouTube.

Sports activities have always been a big part of his early life

During his education at the Westlake High School in Ohio, Paul showed talent as an amateur wrestler, even qualifying for the state-level Ohio High School Athletic Association in 2013 for the Division I Wrestling Individual Championship. He also achieved the ranks of the Plain Dealer's All-Star linebacker on the 2012 football team. It is likely his height, towering at 6 ft 2 in, was always an advantage in sports.

However, his early involvement in sports ended abruptly when he dropped out of Ohio University to focus on his career as a full-time social media entertainer. It would take many years before Paul came back to sports at a professional earning capacity.

Building a YouTube presence on the platform with over 28.2 million subscribers

In 2014, Logan Paul dropped out of his Industrial Engineering degree and moved into an apartment complex in Los Angeles to live with other Vine stars. He focused his energy on building an Internet profile, gathering over 3.1 million followers on various social media platforms outside of Vine, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and his YouTube channel. He began to refer to his followers under the name Logang, a cross-platfrom portmanteau term between gang and his firstname.

By 2015, he had become the 10th most influential Vine video creator, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars through advertising with his 6-second videos. The Logang grew across many platforms, gathering over 300 million likes for Facebook videos. He soon was hired by marketing agencies to create paid videos for companies such as Virgin Mobile, HBO, and Pepsi.

His Internet fame contributed to diversifying his revenue from 2015, helping him appear in TV series such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and even a YouTube film.

Paul used the proximity with other Vine creators to build a prolific presence online, sharing his content as videos and links on various platforms. Thanks to his cross-platform Logang followers, he was able to successfully relaunch himself on YouTube when Vine was discontinued. He currently runs 2 YouTube channels, Logan Paul vlog with 23.2 million followers, and his original channel TheOfficialLoganPaul with 5.07 million, cumulating a total number of views of over 6.4 billion.

A history of costly controversies

Perhaps, one of the most famous controversial pieces of content that appeared in his YouTube account was the video filmed at Aokigahara at the base of Mount Fuji in December 2017. The area is commonly referred to as suicide forest, something that Paul didn't shy from as he showed a body hanging from a tree. As a consequence, YouTube condemned the video and removed all his channels from Google Preferred, their preferred ad programme.

Several on-going series, TV shows and film projects were subsequently placed on hold. In response to the backlash, Paul published an apology on Twitter, removed the video, and donated $1 million to suicide prevention agencies. He also hired former marketing manager at LoveSac, Mike Majlak, to protect his Internet reputation.

In February 2018, Paul faced a second Youtube controversy as YouTube suspended advertising on his channel for 2 weeks and placed the channels on a 90-day probation period. During that period, Paul moved to Twitch, using the platform for live broadcast for the first time. He returned to YouTube after a brief hiatus. Nevertheless, it doesn't appear that Mike Majlak involvement helped prevent further controversies.

In 2018, Maverick Apparel, a fashion brand for teens and children, threatened Paul with legal action for using a similar brand name. This resulted in a significant decline in sales, following the suicide video controversy.

Amateur and professional boxing career with the desire for more

With a boxing reach of 76 in for his Cruiserweight, Paul, nicknamed the Maverick, showed promising predispositions for the ring. He and his brother Jake, had their first amateur boxing match with British YouTuber KSI and his brother in 2018. While Jack won his match by TKO, Logan Paul vs KSI match ended with a majority draw in favour of KSI.

One year later, Paul made his professional boxing debut with a rematch against KSI to be broadcast on DAZN. KSI won the rematch via split decisions from the judges.

While it was so far Paul's only professional match, he also arranged for an exhibition bout in 2021 with five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. The pre-match press conference raised controversy as Paul's brother Jake was seen being involved in a brawl with Mayweather.

The bout, which took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, was repeatedly booed by the crowd, and no winner was announced. Mayweather's superior boxing style came to show, despite his visible attempt to go easy on his lesser experienced opponent. Nevertheless, the event earned Paul $5.25 million, despite the lack of a clear victory.

After the fight, Paul expressed his renewed interest in combat sports, hoping to improve his score and techniques further. He mentioned the possibility of a future MMA wrestling career, tying back to the abilities he showed in his youth.

Investments and further money-making ventures

Paul launched the podcast Impaulsive in 2018, reaching 3.54 million followers and 436 million views, in an attempt to branch out his revenue and survive further controversies.

His merchandise company, Maverick by Logan Paul racked over $40 million in sales during the first 9 months of operation.

He owned a property costing over $8 million in Encino, California. As of June 2021, claiming high taxes in California, he made the move to a $13 million mansion in Puerto Rico.