How Rich Is Tyson Fury 2022

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Boxer Tyson Fury is well known in the boxing world as he is one of the most prolific boxers of all time. However, like many boxers, he has had a career that is filled with highs and lows that have shaped him as a fighter and as a person.

With his success has come financial compensation both in the ring and from other ventures that he has been involved in. If you have ever wondered, how rich Tyson Fury is and any other details about his life you are about to find out more about this famous boxer.

Who is Tyson Fury?

Tyson Fury is a 32-year-old professional boxer from the United Kingdom. He was born on August 12th, 1988. He has won several titles and accolades which have made him one of the most prolific boxers on earth.

In 2015 when he beat out world champion Wladimir Klitschko in Germany. This victory helped to make him the fighter of the year in 2015. It was considered an upset by many who thought that Wladimir would win.

Tyson Fury has Irish and British heritage. When he was born Tyson weighed just one pound as he was born very premature. In what could be classified as a premonition, Tyson's father named him after World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson.

What Is Tyson Fury’s Net Worth?

When Fury knocked out his opponent Wilder in 2020 he made about 26 million dollars according to Forbes. He made about 50 million altogether in that same year.

He has a bestselling autobiography which sold over 200,000 copies. In all Forbes states that Fury is worth about 50 million dollars based on all his earnings.

Notable Career Moments

Considered one of the world's best heavyweights by ESPN and the transnational boxing rankings board. Before he was famous Tyson Fury was an amateur who was asked to represent Ireland as well as England.

In 2008, he had one of his first victories when he won the ABA super-heavyweight title. Later that year spurred by this success he turned professional when he was twenty years old.

He went on to win the English heavyweight title. He did this twice but he didn’t stop there he also became the commonwealth and the British commonwealth champion three years after he had turned professional. He achieved this great feat by defeating fellow boxer Derek Chisora.

He kept himself very busy after that by winning more titles. These tiles were the WBO intercontinental titles and the Iris version of the title as well.

He later went on to face Chisora again in 2014. His stunning defeat of Chisora set a new record in boxing and he ended up booking a match with the world champion, Wladimir Klitschko.

He won the match with Klitschko who was the world champion for a long time, so it was a stunning victory.

However, Fury did not keep the title long as it was mandatory that after winning he faced a challenger. This challenger was Vyacheslav Glazkov.

The challenge is mandatory and because Fury could not face this mandatory challenge his title was stripped. Unfortunately, Fury had a clause in his contract with Klitschko that demanded a rematch, so a match with Glazkov was out of the question.


The inability to keep the title was just one in a series of misfortunes that befell the prolific boxer. He later began to have problems with drug abuse. He was also having difficulty with alcoholism as well. These led to mental health issues that saw him stripped of some of his titles.

At one point he was charged with violating the anti-doping regulations that had been put in place. He lost even more of his titles.

Fury may have been down but not out because in 2018 he was back after a few years of not being in the ring. He returned to challenge Wilder for the heavyweight title.

The match ended in a draw but it was obvious to everyone that based on his performance Fury was stronger than ever. He earned several accolades and many people called it the comeback of the year.

It turns out everyone who had praised his comeback was right because when a rematch came in February of 2020 he finished the job with Wilder by scoring a knockout. It was expected that he would win because his performance was extremely strong throughout the match.

However, he didn’t stop there when he met Wilder again for the third time, it was also a knockout.

Fury’s Autobiography

Aside from his boxing career Fury has delved into other ventures as well. He wrote his autobiography. This autobiography aptly titled, Behind the Mask: My Autobiography delved deep into the personal life of the boxer and was on Amazon’s bestseller list for 24 hours after it was released. Fury had written it in collaboration with Penguin Random House Publishers.

He has also delved into television as he appeared in an ITV documentary about his family. He has also dabbled in martial arts.

His autobiography is not where his journey into book writing ended as Fury also published another book in 2020. This time the book sought to help people by giving inspirational advice. The book was written to help people improve not only their mental health but their physical health as well.

Tyson Fury’s career has certainly been one that is filled with various ups and downs but one thing that can never be disputed or taken from him is his amazing ability to entertain an audience and to win titles. He is also a very resilient athlete who despite having setbacks has always managed to come back stronger than he was before.

He has commanded large salaries that have made him a millionaire. There is even debate in some circles as to whether he is the greatest of all time (GOAT).

This is very impressive considering all the greats that have come before. Whether you consider Tyson Fury the GOAT or not, there is little denying that he is one of the best boxers of all time.